How Much Do Clear Braces Cost in Canberra

Image of a woman with clear bracesYour smile is undoubtedly one of your best assets. It’s the first thing that people notice during casual introductions and first meetings. If you want to make a good first impression on everyone you meet, you need to make sure that your smile is white, straight, and complete!


One of the most popular orthodontic treatments in Canberra comes in the form of affordable braces known as Invisalign.


What is Invisalign?


Invisalign is a teeth-straightening appliance that aligns crooked teeth and other dental problems. This clear aligner is made from safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about developing side effects or getting poisoned from long-term use.


As the name implies, Invisalign is virtually invisible. It is a customized aligner made from clear plastic. It straightens the teeth by slowly shifting tem into the right position.


How much does an Invisalign cost?


Due to the convenience and fast results that Invisalign delivers, the best orthodontists in Canberra are recommending it to its patients as a better alternative to braces.


Since this teeth straightening appliance is already available in Canberra, you might be wondering how much money you need to shell out  for a custom made Invisalign braces. Here is an idea of Invisalign total cost in Canberra.


A minor case of teeth misalignment will cost you around 4,500AUD. More popular dental clinics that offer Invisalign charge an average of 9,000AUD. When you compare these price points to traditional braces cost, custom made Invisalign braces are more affordable for Canberra residents.


The cost of Invisalign is not as affordable as we hope it would be. But with clear benefits that Invisalign is more comfortable and convenient for patients to use, it’s definitely worth every penny.

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