Do you Need Clear Braces for Teeth in Canberra?

Image of a hand holding invisible teeth aligner

Traditional braces perform an excellent job at teeth straightening, but if you are an adult, they can look unattractive and feel uncomfortable, too. If you are advised to wear braces as an adult, but are highly conscious of how a teeth straightening appliance such as metal braces would look once installed, you may want to consider clear braces instead. 


What are clear braces?

As the name implies, a clear brace is a teeth straightening device that is clear or transparent. They are discrete appliances that have a similar function as traditional braces. They are not only meant for adults but for virtually anyone who opts to conceal the fact that they are wearing braces. 

Clear braces are not to be confused with invisible braces. The former is made from ceramic which is then connected by clear brackets. This means that the wire of clear braces is still visible. 


The Benefits of Using Clear Braces

  • Less painful teeth aligners since ceramic is its main component. When compared alongside traditional metal braces, clear braces will leave you feeling more comfortable. 
  • Translucent brackets are used for clear braces, which means they are more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces. 
  • Ceramic braces are made from durable materials that will last for the entire duration of teeth straightening. 


The Drawbacks of Clear Braces

  • In terms of cost, clear braces are more expensive due to the materials used. 
  • They may be less effective in teeth alignment or correct when compared to traditional braces that are made from metal. 

The cost of clear braces in Canberra averages between $4000 and $8000. They are relatively more expensive by $2000 when compared to traditional braces. 


If you want to know if clear braces are what you need, set an appointment with us today. You may reach us on 1300 767 553 to set an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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