What You Need to Know about the Cost of Invisalign Braces in Canberra

image of an invisalign braces by SupersmileHave you found yourself in need of dental alignment and desire a more convenient and less noticeable option? Do you think there is no way you are going to line your teeth with unsightly metal brackets? If so, then you would do well to check out reviews about Invisalign in Canberra as it might just be the perfect solution for you… but at what cost?

In this post, we will take a good look at how Invisalign braces work and the average cost of such a dental treatment. Only then can you decide whether Invisalign braces are the perfect alternative that you have been looking for in teeth alignment.


What to expect when opting for Invisalign treatment in Canberra City

If you are reading this, then you are probably itching to know how much Invisalign braces are going to cost you. Before we get to that though, it is important to understand what Invisalign braces have to offer. You can then make an objective decision whether these braces are worth the time and money.

During the consultation process with a cosmetic dentist for Invisalign treatment, one of the first things you will realise is that most experts highly recommend the treatment and not without good reason. Invisalign works by using a set of clear dental aligners to influence positive changes in teeth alignment without altering its’ natural appearance.

Invisalign braces also require no surgery as you simply wear them over your teeth and switch to several pairs of dental aligners as you progress with the treatment. It’s why such braces have become very popular among teenagers who are often too concerned about their appearance. It’s also gaining popularity among working adults who cannot afford to spend days recuperating from treatment when getting traditional metal braces.


Are Invisalign braces affordable?

As a cosmetic dental treatment, Invisalign braces are not exactly something you would describe as affordable. Dental insurance usually does not cover the expense of such braces although you can say the same thing about any cosmetic treatment in the healthcare sector.

On average, you can expect to spend at least $6000 for a full Invisalign treatment. If your problem with teeth alignment is relatively minor, then some dental clinics might charge you a bit less (about $4500 for minor corrections). In any case, people cannot deny that Invisalign braces are expensive although many would concur that it is worth every cent especially if you are looking for a convenient and “invisible” solution for teeth alignment.

To find out exactly how much Invisalign braces are going to cost you, we urge you to get in touch with our Invisalign Orthodontists here at Supersmile Orthodontics! Phone us today on 1300 767 553 to arrange a consultation.

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