All You Need to Know about Getting an Invisalign in Canberra

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Invisalign clear braces

Are you interested in getting an invisalign in Canberra but not quite sure if it’s the right

orthodontic treatment for you? Such a treatment presents a modern and convenient

alternative towards tooth alignment and achieving the perfect set of teeth without having

to go through the unsightly and inconvenient effects of conventional metallic braces.




Of course as a modern orthodontic treatment, not too many people know as much as they

should about the above mentioned treatment. Hence invisalign orthodontists often have

to deal with a lot of questions regarding the treatment in an effort to keep their patient

well informed about the benefits and considerations that one would have to make when

getting invisalign braces. Let’s get right to it!


How do invisalign braces work?


Invisalign clear braces starts with the innovative use of 3D imaging technology to create

an accurate model of a patient’s dental structure from the start of the treatment to the

desired results. Transparent aligners are then fabricated out of those images which will

need to be changed after several weeks as the position of the teeth changes.


The primary benefit towards getting in invisalign in Canberra stems from the fact that it

is invisible; people won’t know that you’re wearing braces unless you tell them. Unlike

conventional braces, invisalign also presents added convenience as you can continue just

about anything you want and are not at all painful to undergo although some patients

report experiencing a little discomfort during the first few days of the treatment.


Of course one cannot delve into the advantages without mentioning any downsides the

most significant of which is cost. Invisalign braces are expensive to fabricate and having

to go through several of these to complete the treatment can be a significant cost indeed.

The average cost of invisalign in the country ranges from $6,000 to $9000 although

people in need of minor correction can expect to pay a lot less. If you have dental

insurance, invisalign is covered in a manner similar to that of traditional braces.


Would you like to learn more about invisalign treatments? Do you have any

questions or concerns about such a treatment that wasn’t addressed in this article?

Arrange a consultation with reputable orthodontist today! Call Super Smile on 1300

767 553 and learn everything that you need to know about getting an invisalign in


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