Do you Need Orthodontists in Canberra?

Orthodontists versus dentists

a confident Orthodontists in Canberra

Are you looking for an Orthodontists in Canberra and wondering about whether you really need one? Perhaps its easier for you to see a regular dentist and a tad bit less expensive as well? Regardless of whether you require a minor dental treatment or an extensive one, your oral health is not something that you should cast aside nor entrust to whomever offers the lowest price tag. You can consider yourself fortunate that you’ve taken the time to look into the differences and which professional you actually need to secure your dental health.

The best orthodontists and what makes them different from a regular dentist?

Your orthodontists and regular dentists in Canberra may appear to share a similar professions with similar backgrounds; both must complete a bachelor’s degree and earn their doctorate program from a reputable dental school. After graduation, a general dentist may then practise their profession. However the best orthodontists are professionals whom at that point chose to take their profession one step further by serving an additional two to three year residency program recognised by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and certified by the Australian Board of Orthodontics.

A review on orthodontists and their education background reveals just how different they are from a regular dentist. While a regular dentist typically spends 8 years in dental school, an orthodontist spends around 10 years or more specialising and perfecting their trade.

Specialise on what?

Now that you have an idea about what makes an orthodontists different from a regular dentist, you might be wondering – what exactly does an orthodontist specialise on? More importantly, under what circumstances should you insist on being treated by one?

Dentists are primarily responsible for diagnosing general oral problems and managing your oral health. This includes routine dental check ups, tooth extractions, filling cavities and installing dentures. Hence if you’re having issues with your gums, root canals, tooth whitening or you simply need a tooth pulled out then a dentist is definitely the professional to see.

Orthodontists on the other hand specialise on only one thing, the proper development and alignment of your teeth and jaw. Of course its not as simple as it sounds and most dentists will readily refer you to a reputable orthodontist in the case of complicated dental problems such as issues with bite, teeth overcrowding and correcting tooth alignment. Hence if you need braces or retainers done then you should definitely see an orthodontist.

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