Why Opt for an Orthodontist?

Image of a woman consulting with an orthodontist for treatment in Canberra

The cost of seeing an orthodontist – is it worth it?

You bet and millions of Australians opt to see an orthodontist for help with their dental problems and for good reasons. More so when you’re dealing with complicated dental problems such as misaligned teeth, problems with bite and many more. Why exactly is this so?

Now most people tend to think that orthodontic experts is just a fancy name for a dentist which certainly isn’t the case. The cost of seeing an orthodontist tend to be much higher and if you have an idea on how to become an orthodontist and what it takes to become one then you know that again, there is a perfectly good reason behind the higher price tag. Let’s get right to it!

How to become an orthodontist?

Well there’s actually quite a lot to it really; “just another” 2 to 3 years spent undergoing specialist training and that is in addition to the 4 years spent on a reputable dental school. The title of orthodontist is only given to dentists that have successfully completed the additional training necessary to perform complex dental procedures. Is it worth it? If you’re only looking to get a tooth pulled out then probably not. However if you’re looking to get your teeth straightened or a few missing teeth replaced then you’ll find that the cost of orthodontic services are definitely well worth it.

You can expect an orthodontist to provide you the very best in terms of quality dental services. All of then are members of prestigious organisations such as the ASO (Australian Society of Orthodontists) and AOB (Australian Orthodontic Board). No one else understands teeth movement better than these guys and are readily more able to provide the best possible results when it comes to accomplishing one thing – straightening crooked or misaligned teeth! The ability to do so can bring about a wide range of benefits from good oral health to donning a perfect set of pearly whites!

Looking to learn more? Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 and we’ll be more than happy to help! Need your teeth whitened or perhaps a few dental crowns and fillings? By all means, see a regular dentist. However, anything that revolves around straightening teeth though is best handled by an orthodontist of that you can be certain!

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