Orthodontic Braces in Canberra – Will it Hurt?

The procedure for orthodontic braces

woman happy with her Orthodontic Braces in CanberraHow painful is it to get orthodontic braces in Canberra? It’s a good question and one that you’re probably wondering about yourself if you’re anxious about having to undergo any kind of orthodontic treatment. Many can’t help but be fearful just by the thought of getting their teeth wrapped in some sort of metallic dental appliance. In reality though there’s really nothing to worry about and you’d do well not to let your fears stop you from getting the orthodontic treatment that you need.

The procedure for orthodontic braces can be completed in around an hour or two. Some discomfort is to be expected but certainly nothing excruciating or unbearable.  How exactly is this so?

So what is it like getting Orthodontic braces in Canberra?

Indeed getting orthodontic braces is a relatively painless process. A more valid concern would be the cost of orthodontic braces which we’ll tackle later on in this piece. Contrary to how most people perceive the procedure, installing braces hardly involves any incisions as the brackets are essentially cemented into place. Your dental care professional should have already mapped out the exact placement of the braces and such precision is crucial if the orthodontic treatment is to be successful.

Installing orthodontic braces will take around 2 hours to complete as your orthodontist will have to carefully cement the brackets to the surface of each tooth. Arch wires are then affixed to these brackets applying the necessary pressure to align your teeth

How much are orthodontic braces?

Now at this point you might be wondering about the cost of orthodontic braces and that actually depends on the type of braces and the amount of dental work that goes into it. Traditional metallic braces (upper and lower jaw) can cost between $4500 to $8000 on average while modern alternatives such as Incognito Lingual braces (full treatment) can set you back as much as $12,500. Truth be told, the cost can be quite significant but most people would agree that its well worth it when your long term oral health is on the line. Don’t fret though; most reputable orthodontists don’t expect their patients to pay for their services up front. You can better manage the cost through flexible payment options spread over a number of months.

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