Orthodontist in Canberra City – Not Your Ordinary Dentist

Image of an Orthodontist with his patient by Supersmile OrthodontistDo you have a less than perfect set of teeth due to a mishap or severe dental problems like dental caries and misaligned teeth? Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your dental appearance and obtain that gorgeous smile you have always wanted? If so, then you will find that the services of an Orthodontist can be truly life-changing. How is this so?

In this post, we will look at Orthodontics as a profession and what makes it different from family dentistry in Canberra. Moreover, you will have a good understanding of what an Orthodontist can do for you that a regular dentist cannot.


What can some of the best Orthodontists in the country do for you?

You might think that an Orthodontist is no different from that of your regular dentist. Some might even believe that the latter is just a fancy term for a general dentist which just isn’t true.

Orthodontist recommendations in Canberra are highly regarded in the dental care industry. They are specialists well-versed in practically every type of dental treatment concerning teeth alignment. As a matter of fact, general dentists refer their patients to an orthodontist for a myriad of complex oral health problems from issues relating to fixing unsightly gaps between teeth to proper teeth alignment.

If you perform a search for the top 10 Orthodontists in Canberra, you will find that they hold some of the most impressive qualifications in the dental profession. Unlike most of their peers, they spend long years in dental school mastering all aspects of proper teeth alignment and how to prevent irregularities like malocclusion (problem with bite). Issues that are well beyond the capabilities of your regular dentists.

Need help getting lingual braces in ACT?

Incognito lingual braces are some of the most complex cosmetic dental treatments available and require the expertise of no less than a seasoned Orthodontist. You can get all the help you need from our experts here at “Super Smile”! Call us today on 1300 767 553 to arrange a consultation.

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