Reasons to Believe Why Dental Braces are Important in Treating Overbites

Image of a Beautiful young blondie girl showing her dental braces

Let’s face it; you have always wanted to feel good about yourself. This is highlighted by an ideal smile that captivates everyone. Yet, the ideal smile that you have in mind will have to depend on your set of teeth. The first thing that will certainly check is the alignment of your teeth. You would wonder if they are straight or not. Malocclusion or teeth misalignment problems occur most of the time. This is why dental braces as a solution for correction of teeth position is sought after.

The Problem with Overbites

Malocclusions generally hold a lot of overbite problems. This is when your upper jaw protrudes than your lower jaw. In other words, you want to reduce your upper teeth from sticking out of your mouth. Most often than not, orthodontists help to correct this problem with the use of corrective dental braces. Braces for adults cost distinctively depending on the extent of overbite damage you are experiencing.

Possible Causes of Overbites

Genetics plays a crucial role when it comes to the causes of overbite teeth. Moreover, even as an infant, you may have caused your overbite one way or another. Medical experts say that infants who carry out the behavior of sucking their thumbs as they grew older increase their risk in manifesting an overbite.

Overbite Effects

Overbites are classified from mild to severe. In mild cases, aesthetics may be the only issue that concerns you. In severe overbites, however, these cases should need the proper corrective treatment immediately as it may give you:

  • Discomforts when eating.
  • May destroy your teeth enamel.
  • With compromised enamel, tooth decay happens.
  • You will be at a higher risk to developa serious gum disease.
  • Severity could also be a cause of speech impediment as the teeth are severely misaligned, the tongue could not hit the right sounds thus could not pronounce the words properly.

Dental Braces as Treatments

Correcting overbites would mean bracing the teeth to bring it to its proper alignment. There are various braces that you may opt to choose to follow so that you can treat your overbite. Orthodontists generally design braces with brackets or with rubber bands depending on the type of overbite you have.

  • Damon Brace System

This is the traditional brace system for an overbite. This type of brace does not need any brackets or rubber bands of any sort. That’s because it is a self-ligating type or it is permanently installed.

  • Ceramic Braces

This type makes it more favorable as the brackets are clear with only the arch wire being visible.

  • Invisalign Treatment

This is one of the cutting-edge innovations in dental bracing treatment as it is less visible and most comfortable.

  • Incognito Treatment

Another latest design in effective dental bracing that allows the brace to be attached at the back portion of the teeth making it least visible.


Braces for adults cost differently according to the type of brace treatment you need to undergo. The latest technologies in overbite malocclusion correction are the most expensive;this is most probably because of its aesthetic and effective results. However, you will realize in the end that it’s worth all of your money.