Reasons Why Dental Braces are Used

A perfect smile could go a long, long way. Your smile could never be perfect without a set of sparkling white, and aligned teeth. There may be instances that you were not blessed to have straight and even teeth. They may come alright to some, but insecurity issues tend to get in the way. This is why orthodontists have created solutions to these problems with the use of teeth supports known as incognito lingual braces.

Why Use Braces?

Braces are generally sought by those suffering from misalignment of teeth. They are teeth supports originally metal in material that are attached to your teeth. There are 3 classifications of misalignment described by Dr. Edward Angle, the founding Father of Orthodontics. These classifications are currently used by orthodontics practicing around the globe.

  1. Class I – This type is called Class I bite wherein crowding or spacing of the teeth may be present. This exudes the ideal relationship of the upper and lower teeth.
  2. Class II – This type is called the “over bite”. This is because the patient’s lower first molar’s position is moving in the direction that goes towards the back of the mouth. The upper jaw called the maxilla is leaning forward.
  3. Class III – This is typically called the “under bite”. This follows the patient’s lower first molar positioning closer to the front of the mouth while the lower jaw called mandible is leaning in a forward position.

While you might think that you don’t have any teeth misalignment problem because you have the right bite, you must see your orthodontist find out some of the unnoticeable factors that may cause teeth misalignment.


This is a misalignment condition wherein teeth would overlap, rotate, or grow in the wrong position. This issue may be due to the fact that the dental arch is too little for the adult teeth, or the adult teeth may be larger than what it’s supposed to be.

Effects of Crowding

If you don’t let the orthodontist treat your teeth crowding problem, chances are you will find it difficult to brush and floss your teeth properly. This will result to graver problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

Teeth Spacing

Another misalignment factor is spacing of teeth. This may be happening because the teeth or jaw are small in size. One prevalent condition of teeth spacing is called diastima in which the spacing becomes too obvious as it is located in between the two upper front teeth known as the centrals.

More than Just Aesthetics

Incognito Lingual Braces goes beyond aesthetics. With perfectly aligned teeth, you will be able to earn back your self-confidence, and you will be more positive when it comes to dealing with life. Aside from this, teeth alignment also eradicates serious dental problems that you may be suffering from. Since it pays to have healthier teeth and gums, you have to set an appointment now with your friendly dentist nearby.