What Are Retainers And How Much Does An Orthodontic Plate Cost?

Image of a Beautiful Woman with Braces on Teeth - Orthodontic TreatmentRemovable plates are recommended in many orthodontic cases to assist in the development of arches and the straightening of teeth. The design and configuration of plates depend on the type of orthodontic problem that patients suffer from.


Here are some examples of applications for orthodontic plates:


  • Protruding front teeth: These can be fixed by a plate to close the spaces and to push the front teeth in.
  • Expansion of the arch: A viable solution in the case of a narrow upper arch and upper teeth in crossbite with the lower teeth.
  • The loss of baby teeth in early life usually results in the forward movement of the back teeth. The loss of space can be treated with the application of plates to regain space and lengthen the arch, too.
  • Plates also function as space maintainers which helps in the prevention of space loss such as in the case of losing baby teeth early on in life and/or the removal of teeth due to various dental issues.


What is the difference between an orthodontic plate and braces?


Plates and fixed braces cause different movements thus produce different results, too. Orthodontic plates are usually used to tip, expand, open, close, or maintain spaces. On the other hand, braces produce 3D movements and regulate the position of the both the crown and affected tooth/teeth. Brace brackets facilitate correction through bodily movement of teeth.


Despite differences, plates and braces are used in tandem to produce the best teeth straightening and correction results.


How much does it cost to get a retainer?


Plates for teeth straightening are made from different materials and are used to fix various orthodontic problems. Orthodontic plate cost will depend on the materials used, duration, and the issue that needs to be fixed with use of retainers.

  • Wire retainers that are made from metal wire and dental acrylic usually costs between $200 and $350.
  • Permanent fixed retainers that are bonded on the lingual side of the teeth to prevent sudden shifting typically cost between $200 and $400.
  • Invisalign type retainers are used short term and are cheaper at $160 to $350.


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