Why See an Orthodontist in Canberra?

a woman wondering if she should see an Orthodontist in Canberra

Orthodontics and dentistry

Have you just been advised to see an orthodontist in Canberra but not quite sure if it’s something that you should look into? What makes orthodontics different from that of a regular dentist? It’s a good question and one that you’ve probably given a fair amount of thought. If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering about the same thing.

Now the cost of an orthodontist can be a lot higher than that of regular dentistry. Hence a lot of people would rather see a dentist. Orthodontist prices may seem significant but most experts would agree that the added cost is well worth it. As the old saying goes – you get what you pay for and while a regular dentist may offer to treat an orthodontic problem for much less, being frugal when it comes to your health and well-being is rarely ever a good idea.

What makes an orthodontist in Canberra different from a regular dentist?

Professionals engaged in orthodontics for adults and children are all dentist however not all dentists can claim to be an orthodontist.  Despite the high cost of orthodontics, thousands of Australians opt to get help from an orthodontist to rectify just about any kind of oral problems and achieve a healthy and attractive smile.

To become an orthodontist in Canberra, one must spend 4 years in a reputable dental school and complete a specialist training in orthodontics lasting 2 to 3 years. Only then can a dentist present themselves as an orthodontist capable of tackling complex dental and oral problems from teeth movement and oral development to ensuring that each tooth grows properly for optimal function and aesthetics.

Orthodontist are in a much better position to help you achieve a healthy and attractive smile. While the difference in cost is certainly significant, remember that you’re getting a specialist and not just an average dentist. One that has spent long years tackling just about any kind of orthodontic problems imaginable and that is certainly worth something.

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