Specialist Orthodontist

Why should you choose a specialist

Questions to ask the person undertaking your orthodontic treatment:

  • Educate yourself before getting braces, Invisalign or orthodontic plates. Orthodontists and primary care dentists all attend dental school but only Orthodontists complete another 3 years full time study in a Master’s Program.
  • Be sure to ask the person claiming to be an expert in braces if they have:
    • Completed a 3 year fulltime Master’s Program or Doctorate program at an Australian or New Zealand University?
    • How many cases like yours have they actually treated? and most importantly
    • Have they ever sent their family members to an orthodontist for treatment, had an orthodontist do their treatment and if they have ever had to have a specialist orthodontist help them with a case that went wrong?

If you ask these questions you will be surprised to know that a Specialist orthodontist has often treated them and their families.

Dentists get some theoretical orthodontic training and can upgrade their skills in a weekend course. Trained orthodontists spend three years longer at university than dentists to become specialised and accredited in this profession.

If you are concerned please visit this link: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration.aspx. APHRA will identify if the person is actually a specialist orthodontist.