Tips on Choosing a Trustworthy Dentist in Canberra

Image of a doctor explains to the patient how the braces are arrangedAlthough there’s no shortage of skilled dental professionals in Canberra, it’s important to choose one who is trustworthy and makes you feel comfortable.

These tips will help you make an informed choice if you are considering which dentist you should visit:


  • Ask for referrals


Seek referrals from trusted friends, colleagues and family members who have been residing in Canberra longer than you have resided. They may be able to recommend two to three dentists to consider. Before calling any of these dentists, find out what made these dentists so special and how they made the patient feel. It’s not just about the skills and experience of the dentist which is important, but also the ability to treat patients with understanding and respect that matters.


  • Do your research


Don’t just depend on referrals from people you know. Although they provide you with unbiased reviews, you should have your own set of criteria when choosing a dentist. Check out websites of dental associations in Canberra and list down two or more dental professionals located near your place of residence. Distance is a major factor that you need to look into when finding a new dentist. Choose a dental clinic that is 10 to 15 minutes from your home, and has known affiliations with professional organisations.


  • Visit dental clinics


The only way to determine if your a dentist you are considering is the perfect match for you, perform on-site visits. It’s only during appointments that you can gauge the ability and competence of a dentist. Ask as many questions you have in mind, including services offered, cost of certain procedures you need, and the availability of dental insurance coverage, if any.
We hope that this guide has helped you narrow down your list of Canberra dentists. If you are interested in checking out the dental services we offer, click here. If you wish to set an appointment soon, call us on 1300 767 553.

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