The Top 2 Applications of Dental Plates for Canberra Residents

Image of a Beautiful girl smiling looking on a camera, white teeth with bracesDental plates are orthodontic appliances installed inside the mouth, the main job of which is to direct the growth of the jaw in order to create space for developing teeth and to straighten existing teeth as well. In some cases, dental plates are also used to eliminate the need to install other complicated orthodontic appliances in the future.

The following are two most common applications of dental plates:

  • Dental plates are typically used in children as early intervention for many different cases, all of which are designed to prevent the further exacerbation of certain orthodontic issues. ¬†Some teeth plates are used to prevent spacing between missing teeth whilst some can be used to solve simple tooth movements.
  • There are also cases wherein dental plates for adults are used as part of a comprehensive treatment that involves proper alignment of bite, which gives clients the confidence they need to flash a perfect smile. The second phase may also require the use of dental plates to straighten teeth. More than just aesthetics, teeth straightening also contributes to good oral health.


The treatment times for dental plates for children are usually quick. The severity of the case and compliance of patients also determine the treatment times required for each case.

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