The Top 2 Reasons For Choosing Invisalign in Canberra Over Metal Braces

Invisible braces, Image by Supersmile Orthodontist

Has your dentist prescribed teeth aligners to straighten your crooked teeth? You are now faced with choosing between traditional metal braces and Invisalign. If you have a little knowledge about what an Invisalign is, you have come to the right place. 


In this article, we will give you an overview about Invisalign and its advantages over traditional metal braces. 


What is Invisalign?

You may have seen Invisalign before and after pictures at your dentist’s office. From the catalogue, you can see the excellent results that it delivers to patients. It promises to create a straight smile, but what other features do you know about this teeth-straightening device? 


Invisalign is Made from Proprietary SmartTrack Material 

The main function of braces is to adjust your teeth so they are properly positioned in the right place over a period of time. Traditional metal braces cause a high level of discomfort among its wearers as the brackets and wire combination forces teeth to adjust into place. On the other hand, Invisalign is made from a highly-elastic material that adjusts the teeth constantly but with a more controlled timing and movement. 

If you doctor decides that Invisalign is the best teeth alignment device for you, you are required to wear them for 12 to 19 months. The duration will largely depend on the type of correction needed to restore ideal teeth alignment. 

Invisalign needs to be worn for 22 hours a day to ensure your teeth are straightened within the recommended time frame. A visit to the dentist is a must every few weeks to replace the aligners with new ones to effectively continue movement in the right direction. 


The Benefits of Using Invisalign



  • They look better than traditional metal braces


Traditional metal braces make the wearer self-conscious. As they look prominent when smiling, this can make it hard for people to smile or express themselves more effectively. Some people simply feel that wearing metal braces, especially during adulthood, can be a bit embarrassing.

With Invisalign, adults can now experience orthodontic correction treatment minus the embarrassment. They are clear and thus are less obvious when worn. 



  • No food restrictions


This is one of the major benefits of wearing Invisalign braces.Traditional braces requires people to be mindful of the food they eat. They are restricted to eat hard or tough food items which may get in between brackets or break the wires that link the braces. 

Invisalign users can simply remove the aligners during meals, thus making it relatively easy for them to resume treatment without having to stop consuming the foods that they love to eat. 
If you wish to find out whether Invisalign teeth aligners are the best for your case, schedule an appointment with us by calling 1300 767 553 today.

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