The Top 3 Alternatives to Braces – Traditional Braces Alternatives

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If you or your children need braces, you should know that there are excellent alternatives to traditional metal braces. If you don’t want to end up with a metal mouth, the good news is that there are other efficient teeth straightening solutions for that crooked smile. Traditional metal braces are the most common treatment to boost confidence and perfect your smile, but there are also other stealthy teeth straightening options that you may very well consider, too. 

Technological innovations pave the way to numerous orthodontic treatments that are not becoming just as popular and efficient as metal braces. 

Although these alternatives to braces are considered to be more expensive, many consider that this is but a small price to pay to totally avoid wearing metal mouth for many, many months. 

  • Invisalign


Invisalign is perhaps the most popular braces alternative to date. In this treatment, a series of 18 to 30 aligners are custom-fitted over your teeth to fix a variety of orthodontic issues. Ideally, Invisalign aligners are changed every two weeks for best results. The typical duration of Invisalign treatment is 12 months for adults. The duration of treatment will depend on two factors: severity and complexity of the correction required. 

  • Incognito Braces


As the name implies, incognito braces are completely invisible as they are installed on the posterior of the teeth. They are completely out of sight therefore patients don’t have to worry about smiling with a metal mouth altogether. Lingual braces are custom made and custom fitted for each patient. It is an orthodontic treatment indicated for several orthodontic issues. 

  • Ceramic Braces


Ceramic braces are most similar in appearance to traditional braces. Instead of metal, enamel or clear brackets are used, hence they perfectly blend with the teeth. In some instances, tooth-coloured wires are also used to further make it less visible. 
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