The Top 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Canberra

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Getting that perfect smile can be tricky. Whilst having great oral hygiene is a requirement to achieve optimal dental health, making your teeth look perfect is quite something else. Cosmetic dentistry is a specific subcategory of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

If you’re eager to flash your beautiful new smile, but are still not sure which type of cosmetic dentistry services you need, here is a short guide on the top cosmetic dentistry offerings in Canberra:


  • Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry option among Canberra residents. Due to affordability and fast results, men and women are inspired to avail of them sooner than later. In some cases, patients who assume that they will be spending thousands of dollars in extensive and tedious cosmetic work end up discovering that they only need cleaning and teeth whitening to erase years of staining.

There are two options for teeth whitening. The first teeth whitening service is done at the clinic over a period of several weeks or months. The second, and more affordable option comes in the form of take home teeth whitening kits that are customised to address client needs.


  • Bonding


Dental bonding is the more affordable option to repairing damaged teeth. If you simply do not have the budget for veneers, dental fillers or bonds are more conservative and provide the same results as veneers. Composite resin is used and is shaped to cover damage on the surface of chipped and worn out teeth. It may also be used to close gaps in between teeth as well as conceal some spots of discoloration.


  • Crowns


Dental crowns help in fixing structural damage to your teeth. In essence, crowns look and feel similar to actual teeth. Once you have a crown on your tooth, it will blend perfectly with the rest of your healthy and intact teeth.
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