Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Damon System Braces in Canberra

Close up image of a ceramic and metal braces on teethYour smile is definitely your one of your greatest assets. But what can you truly rely on your smile if your teeth is misaligned and crooked? Be at your best and don’t let your imperfect teeth get in the way of your greatest potentials. Getting Damon system braces will help you feel more confident with straighter teeth, but without the common drawbacks associated with traditional braces.

Here are facts about Damon braces system that will convince you to get one from the best Orthodontist in Canberra:

  • Self Ligating Teeth Straightening System

The self-ligating feature is breakthrough technology unique to Damon system braces. No more need for elastic or metal ties, as Damon braces introduces a tie-less system that tightens between teeth without manual tightening for your dentist. For those who live busy and hectic schedule, this quality is short of amazing. You can be sure that you will get the results you desire with less adjustment appointments.

  • Innovative Technology Promises Faster Treatment

Traditional braces get the job done, but in a slower, more painful fashion. On the other hand, the light high technology shape memory wires unique to Damon system braces guarantee that your teeth align at a faster rate, with lesser pain, and with fewer appointments for adjustments.

  • Available in Clear Brackets Variant

Invisalign in Canberra clinics are generally more expensive than traditional braces. If you want convenient, faster treatment results combined with discreet in mind, choose to have Damon braces installed. Traditional braces with all the elastics can be unhygienic and may collect plaque over time. On the other hand, Canberra orthodontists recommend Damon braces as they are easier to clean, more discreet, and less expensive, too!
With Damon system braces, you now have the opportunity to smile with the perfect teeth faster than ever before. Call us now at 1300 767 553 to schedule an appointment. You may also check out our other dental services by clicking here.

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