Various Types of Canberra Braces One Should Be Aware Of

Canberra braces are a valid option for those who want to get rid of defects in teeth alignment. The orthodontic braces are used according to the person’s jaw and tooth structure. Thus one can find various types of teeth braces Canberra. The dental braces cost differs according to the material and hence a person must take a decision only after consulting an experienced dentist.

When one visits the dentist for alignment, he must discuss every detail and understand every factor. The most important factor is the braces types. A good dentist will always give a brief of all available and suitable options. Some common braces are:

Braces Made of Metal or Plastic

These are the most common types which can be further divided into different types.

  • Stainless metals: These are a good option for people who have no metal allergy problems. These are very reasonable and thus most preferred option.
  • Ceramic: These are sturdy braces made of high quality composite components. Also, these are expensive when compared to other options.
  • Sapphire: These are made of pure sapphire. These are strong and translucent. Those who want braces which are not very visible opt for this option. These are an expensive option.
  • Silver: Silver braces are popular since long time. However, with time, there have been changes in the design to make them stronger and durable. These have brackets which allow proper movement.
  • Gold: Braces made of gold are preferred only by people who want an aesthetic appeal.

Invisible and Lingual Braces

The invisible braces have been developed for those who are very cautious about the looks. Nowadays people prefer these braces. Lingual braces on the other hand are placed behind the teeth and are not easily visible. These are made of metal wires and are being used by dentists for many years.

Once the person knows all about different types of Canberra braces, he can choose one according to his requirement and the spending capacity.