What Are Important Steps of Placing Teeth Braces Process

Image of a dentist speaking to his patient

When someone chooses teeth braces treatment, he should gather relevant information about the process and different phases involved. Even though the process will remain same; time and technique will be different if the individual opts for Canberra lingual braces as compared to other dental braces.

The treatment usually is completed in a few months depending upon the structure and alignment. Therefore, one must inquire about the process that the dentist will follow in his case and the time it will take to get desired results.

When the person approaches the dentist with his problem, his first step is doing an X-Ray. This is important as it provides minute details of the situation. After checking X-Ray, the dentist sits with the person to discuss the various options. He might suggest removing a tooth in order to achieve appropriate alignment. He even informs the person about kinds of braces he can use and the expenses. When the person takes the decision, the dentist initiates the treatment.

Braces should be placed properly. The dentist fits the bracket on a tooth by applying dental cement. This cement is allowed to dry up and then arch wires are used. The dentist can either use metal or the elastic bands. These bands pull teeth together.

After the fixing process, the dentist calls the person for sitting where he observes the tooth movement and adjusts or reinstates the bands according to requirement. This continues till the teeth reach the desired arrangement. If the person’s teeth are uneven, the adjustments are made for a longer time period.

After the alignment is complete, the person has to wear retainers. These do not let the teeth relapse after removal of brackets and bands. Once the dentist sees that bones and gums have stabilized, he allows the person to stop wearing the retainer. This marks the end of the teeth braces treatment which gives the person a perfect and attractive smile.