What Are The Major Steps of Lingual Braces Canberra and Other Braces Treatment

Dentists offer different types of Canberra teeth braces; one of which is lingual braces Canberra. The teeth braces are always suggested based on the present condition of the teeth. The treatment is done in sessions which can take few months. However, it depends more on the person’s jaw and tooth structure. Thus, a person must be mentally prepared for a number of visits and must make sure that he does not miss any appointment as it will lead to delay of the entire process.

Before beginning the treatment, the dentist does a proper scanning of the mouth. This starts with the X-Ray. It helps the dentist know the condition of teeth as well as the roots. After this step he talks with the person and tells him the condition. If he finds that for proper alignment he needs to remove a tooth, he will place the facts in front of the person and leave the decision on him. The discussion is also about braces types so that the person gets to choose the option he can afford.

After the person gives his consent for the treatment, the dentist starts working and the first thing he does is to fix brackets on both the sides by means of dental cement. Once the brackets are set properly and the cement dries up, he uses arch wire. The elastic or metal bands are fixed in the bracket so that they pull the teeth towards the desired position.

The bands should be adjusted from time to time. Therefore, the dentist calls one for some sessions. He either replaces the bands or adjusts original band to get the accurate alignment. The numbers of sessions are decided according to the original condition. If the teeth are very uneven, the person might have to visit many times in a month.

Even after the teeth are aligned, there are chances that they can relapse. Here the dentist provides retainers which can be removed whenever required. If one wears the retainers properly, the bones as well as the gums become stable at that place.

The duration also varies with kind of braces one chooses. Hence, when a person selects from metal or lingual braces Canberra, he should understand every detail of the process.