Orthodontic treatment depends for much of its success on the understand and co-operation of the patient. This form convers the usual material risks associated with orthodontic treatment. Other factors may also be described by your orthodontist. You may ask your orthodontist to explain anything you do not understand. While recognising the benefits of healthy teeth and a pleasing smile, you should also be aware that orthodontic treatment has limitations and potential risks and there maybe alternative treatment options. You should clarify what is expected of you as a patient, or as the parent of a young patient, to achieve excellent results. Keep in mind that with orthodontic treatment, like other healing arts, the results cannot be guaranteed. The unknown factor in any orthodontic corrections is the response of the patient to the orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics plays an important role in improving overall oral health and achieving balance and harmony between the face and teeth for a healthy smile, which may enhance one’s self esteem. The correct bite of the teeth with healthy muscles and jaw joints will provide optimal chewing function. Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and so the tendency to decay may be decreased, as may the likelihood of developing disease of the gums and supporting bone. Correctly aligned teeth are less likely to experience abnormal wear.

Because of the individual conditions present and the limitations of treatment imposed by nature, each specific benefit may not be attainable for every patient.

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