Multi-coloured and Clear Braces


Clear Braces

These are made of porcelain and almost disappear in some cases into the teeth.

They allow correction of the bite, straightening of the teeth and 3D control of all teeth.

Clear braces are wonderful for adults or the older teenager.


Multi Coloured Braces

The metal braces we use are very small but can be made fun with colours applied.

Perfect for young teenagers, they can match their favorite footy team, have Christmas or house colours or join with their friends in wearing the same colour combinations..Let your imagination run wild!!


Invisalign Braces

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-molded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of Invisalign is comfortable, can be removed to eat and is easy to clean. It is perfect for adults and for older teenagers and especially for those with the back teeth in the correct position but who have crooked front teeth that need straightening.


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