Sarah South

Staff members name: Sarah South

Favourite colour: Pastel pink and blue

Favourite genre of movie: All of them!

Favourite food: Carbs (bread)

Hobbies: Horse riding, eating outm smile 🙂

Hidden talent, or something most people don’t know about you: I use to do modelling, I own pet rats, and I can do a handstand.

Place he/she has never been that wants to go: I cannot wait to travel around the world with my fiancé.

One animal he/she could be: A horse

One person to swap places with for a day: Angelina Jolie – I love how she helps people, I think she is beautiful and it would be fun to be famous.

Favourite superhero: My dad (pappabear) and my mum (mummabear)

Favourite Blog: Tumblr

What he/she likes about Supersmile Orthodontics: Doing what I have always wanted to do!!! Help people better their oral health and making them smile 🙂