What’s the right age for Orthodontic Treatment?


The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends that children receive a specialist orthodontic examination at age 7 if a parent or the family dentist discovers a problem. The timing of orthodontic [...]

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Why have Orthodontic Treatment?


Aside from the obvious improvements in smile aesthetics and self-esteem, orthodontic treatment can also lead to improvements in oral health and function. Orthodontic treatment will: Create beautiful looking teeth and [...]

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What happens at your first visit?


Each individual’s orthodontic needs are different and deserve personalised attention. Your initial visit is an opportunity for us to get to know you and to help determine your orthodontic goals. [...]

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What happens next?


If it is determined that orthodontic treatment is necessary, arrangements will then be made for the taking of pre-treatment diagnostic records (3D digital scans of your teeth, Photographs and X-rays). [...]

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When can I start treatment?


Once you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan and treatment objectives then you are ready to proceed into orthodontic treatment. Treatment times vary significantly depending on age, the severity [...]

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Will I need teeth extracted?


We believe in non-extraction treatment whenever possible. With this goal in mind, we stress the importance of early screenings and intervention when necessary for children. Even with early screening, about [...]

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