Clear aligner therapy has been used for the past 15 years. It has improved significantly over the past 5 years especially, and can achieve good results in mild to moderate cases.

For adults who do not need complicated treatment, and do not like the idea of having braces on the outside or inside of their teeth then invisalign could be the answer.

Supersmile Orthodontics has treated thousands of cases of invisalign and teach the next generation of Orthodontists at The University of Sydney how to use Invisalign in appropriate cases.

If you would like a great result that will be stable long term and you like the the idea of something removable, then invisalign could be for you.

The latest brackets/wires

The Technology, in terms of brackets and wires, to move teeth has certainly come a long way in the last decade. At Supersmile we use super elastic NiTi wires which are a special type of wire that has shape memory. When the wire is put in and the teeth are in a crowded position the wire will always want to move back to its original shape. This is how we make the teeth move and straighten up.

A note to remember when undergoing Orthodontic treatment is that within 6 months most orthodontic cases have straight teeth; this is actually the easy part of treatment. The key part of orthodontic treatment is to achieve an ideal bite. The reason for this is that it prevents wear and damage over time and if the bite is not corrected the teeth are likely to relapse and move back. The technologies we use are 3M brackets and 3M wires, The 3M company is the world leader in this specialized technology. This fantastic technology allows us to align the teeth quickly and improve the bite rapidly.

Some people that come in only want their front teeth straightened. This can be done in as little as four to six months. However, as we are specialist orthodontists we are also concerned about the bite and ensuring we get an ideal outcome for any individual.

Why Choose Incognito™ Appliances?

Incognito™ Hidden Braces are completely invisible so you can confidently smile through every event that life has to offer!!!

Incognito Braces are customized with robtically bent wires and custom made brackets engineered to deliver the results your smile deserves. No matter where your teeth start, they will end up beautifully straight.

Taking an x-ray of your child

When anyone has an x-ray taken it needs to be the lowest radiation dose as possible. This is particularly important in younger children due to the fact their brain, salivary glands and other important tissues are not yet developed and have not reached full maturity. This means that when high radiation is used it can be potentially damaging to the brain, not initially but later in life, and may even cause cancer.

One thing we do at Supersmile is use the lowest radiation dose two dimensional x-ray scanner. We do not routinely recommend that patients have a 3D scan done such as an ICAT. However, in some cases it may be required for example in the diagnosis of impacted teeth.

It is critical, particularly for younger patients, that the lower dose two dimensional x-ray scan is used rather than the 3D dose. Particularly with the full field view scans which we use in orthodontics that do scan a larger area of the face and the brain.

Please be very wary of anyone that uses a 3D scanner for these x-rays on most orthodontic patients.

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