Justine Blunden


Staff members name: Justine

Favourite colour: Lilac

Favourite genre of movie: Action/Fantasy

Favourite food: Ice cream for sure

Hobbies: Horse riding, netball and reading

Hidden talent, or something most people don’t know about you: Of all things – Finding lost engagement rings, 5 so far!

Place he/she has never been that wants to go: I’ve always wanted to visit London, though I’m also quite partial to the Canadian Rockies

One animal he/she could be: Specifically, my coach’s dog ‘Bindi’, she’s absolutely out of her mind but the happiest dog you’ll ever meet.

One person to swap places with for a day: My brother because he’s done all the things I’m too afraid to do, skydiving included!

Favourite superhero: Wonder Woman

Favourite Blog: McQueensflowers on Instagram, SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

What he/she likes about Supersmile Orthodontics: I love the bright and happy environment. Everyone is always ready to lead a hand.