Pettra Zucchell


Staff members name: Pettra

Favourite colour: Light Blue

Favourite genre of movie: Disney

Favourite food: Chicken Carbonaro Pasta

Hobbies: Gridiron, any sports, hanging with family, and my dog

Hidden talent, or something most people don’t know about you: I’m very flexible. I can over split and bend my arms and legs into crazy positions.

Place he/she has never been that wants to go: Bora Bora

One animal he/she could be: A dog, so I can hang out with my dog Kova all day

One person to swap places with for a day: Selena Gomez (I like her)

Favourite superhero: My mom :) , but Superman too

Favourite Blog: I don’t do blogs, but if I did, maybe a dog one?

What he/she likes about Supersmile Orthodontics: The team and bosses. It is a great atmosphere, we all bring something difference to the practice, and that helps us get along with patients – when they see us having fun, they have fun too.