Sophie Gaughan


Staff members name: Sophie Gaughan

Favourite colour: Orange

Favourite genre of movie: Horror, Thriller and Crime Documentaries

Favourite food: Pasta and Chocolate

Hobbies: Hockey, reading, outdoors, going to the gym and TV series

Hidden talent, or something most people don’t know about you: I work for jobs a week and play sport, I can eat two blocks of chocolate in under 30 minutes

Place he/she has never been that wants to go: Europe and Italy

One animal he/she could be: Tiger

One person to swap places with for a day: A TV presenter on ‘Getaway’

Favourite superhero: Inspector Gadget

Favourite Blog: Betootaadrocate

What he/she likes about Supersmile Orthodontics: All the people that I get to work with, the girls who I could always laugh with, and meeting all our patients. Being surrounded by fun personalities and seeing all that perfect end results.