A visit on her Orthodontics in Canberra, Image by Supersmile Orthodontist

Better Teeth with Orthodontics in Canberra

Do you have a less than perfectly aligned set of teeth which is affecting your dental appearance? Perhaps you have a serious problem with your bite or unsightly gaps between your teeth? In any of these cases, you would do well to get help from some of the best orthodontists in Canberra or anywhere else […]

Image of an Orthodontist explaining procedures with a patient, by Supersmile

Three Most Frequently-asked Questions at Supersmile Orthodontics in Canberra

Here at “Super Smile”, we often get many questions from patients anxious about their dental treatments. In this post, we aim to share some of them with the goal of encouraging people to seek out the proper dental care that they need. What makes Supersmile Orthodontics different from regular ones? Unlike regular Dentists, Orthodontists in […]