The Price of Dental Braces

Setting expectations on the price of dental braces?

price of dental bracesAre you wondering about the price of dental braces and just how much such dental treatments are going to cost you? Well the short answer would be – it depends! The cost of dental braces can greatly vary by type. Conventional metal braces can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 while the fee for dental braces involving Invisalign treatments can cost as much as $4,000 to $7000. Perhaps the most expensive of the lot are incognito lingual braces with a price range of $8,000 to as much as $10,000!

Of course the only way to get an accurate estimate on the cost of orthodontic braces is to actually come in for a consultation with a good orthodontist. You can do just that by getting in touch with us here at Supersmile on 1300 767 553!

Yet another significant factor when it comes to the price of dental braces is location. Cost generally depends on where you get the orthodontic treatment. Big city orthodontists often charge much higher than their rural counterparts although this isn’t always the case. Of course don’t simply look at the cost but consider other factors as well such as experience and qualifications.

Paying for the cost of dental braces

As you can see from the price ranges mentioned above, the price of dental braces can be quite significant and it can be difficult for many people to pay for such dental treatments. However don’t let that stop you –there are certainly several options that you could look into:

Health or dental insurance

Check with your orthodontist if you happen to have a health or dental insurance. Majority of the latter partially covers orthodontic treatments for children and rarely for anyone over the age of 18. Hence adults may want to opt for orthodontic insurance well before hand. Be sure to inquire about the percentage and maximum extent of the coverage. Ideally it should be at least 50 percent although the lifetime maximum can vary among providers.

Take note that you’ll have to stick with the same health or dental insurance plan for the whole duration of your orthodontic treatment. Many make the mistake of switching to another insurance plan only to have their on-going orthodontic treatments dismissed as a pre-existing condition.

Tax Deduction

The price of dental braces can be subject to tax deduction as it is considered a medical expense. Take note however that the cost would have to reach a certain amount to qualify for tax deduction. Take note of other relevant expenses like checkups and medications which can ultimately add to the total expenses.

Payment plans

Orthodontists rarely expect their patients to pay for dental braces upfront. Most of them offer flexible payment plans to enable patients to better manage the price of dental braces over a period of time.